Should You Buy a Gun Safe?

I remember going to Costco and seeing gun safes for sale. I couldn’t help but laugh. My wife noticed me chuckling and she asked if anything was wrong.

I basically told her that I knew that Costco is the place to shop because it pretty much sells anything. Can you imagine a Costco shopping warehouse featuring gun safes?

There I was looking at an awesome tall model which features a gun safe you could essentially walk into. It’s as big as a closet. This tells me several things.

First of all, there are enough people buying gun safes at Costco for its manufacturer distributor to insist on such displays. Obviously, there’s enough sales to justify carrying that kind of inventory.

The other lesson that I learned is one of consumer intelligence. It’s too much to assume that the vast majority of gun owners would need some sort of walk-in closet type of gun case.

You’re basically assuming that they have huge weapons and they go to firing ranges to use these weapons.

This is too much of an assumption to make.

The bottom line is there has to be some sort of consumer intelligence done ahead of time. Otherwise, Costco is probably going to lose money hand over fist devoting preciously scarce retail floor space to stuff that for a wide variety of reasons simply do not sell.

In fact, I’ve notice that Kmart made this mistake as well and it had to pay dearly for this mistake. The bottom line is actually quite simple. You need to make sure that you really need a gun safe.

One way to figure this out is the amount of guns you have. Even if you don’t have that many firearms, if you have a lot of kids around the house or if your kid tends to wander and get into many different rooms in the house, you might want to invest in the gun safe.

Another common problem involves break ins.

Now, it’s easy to think that just because you live in a very secure location or in a nice suburb that burglaries won’t happen. Well, you might want to think again. Break-ins happen all the time. In fact, they are all too common. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they don’t happen in your neighborhood.

Imagine getting your guns stolen and then finding out in horror that these were used in some sort of crime. You don’t need this drama. Invest in a gun safe to make it doubly hard for criminals to use your guns for crimes. You may not be legally liable but imagine the lost sleep and pangs of conscience.

The bottom line is that your personal set of circumstances must rule the day.

Always consult with these before you make a move. This way, you are more likely to make a truly informed decision.

Also, you won’t triggered by the fact that the company is offering some sort of sale to get you through their physical doors. There are better ways to do this.